Kubic with Kubernetes 1.17.0 released

15. Jan 2020 | Richard Brown | No License


The Kubic Project is proud to announce that Snapshot 20200113 has just been released containing Kubernetes 1.17.0.

This is a particually exciting release with Cloud Provider Labels becoming a GA-status feature, and Volume Snapshotting now reaching Beta-status.

Release Notes are avaialble HERE.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Sascha Grunert, Ralf Haferkamp and Michal Rostecki who all contributed to this release, either through debugging issues or by picking up other open Kubic tasks so other contributors could focus on this release.

Please look at our github projects board for an incomplete list of open tasks, everyone is free to help out so please join in!

Upgrade Steps

All newly deployed Kubic clusters will automatically be Kubernetes 1.17.0 from this point.

For existing clusters, you will need to follow the following steps after your nodes have transactionally-updated to 20200113 or later.

For a kubic-control cluster please run kubicctl upgrade.

For a kubeadm cluster you need to follow the following steps on your master node: kubectl drain <master-node-name> --ignore-daemonsets.

Then run kubeadm upgrade plan to show the planned upgrade from your current v1.16.x cluster to v1.17.0.

kubeadm upgrade apply v1.17.0 will then upgrade the cluster.

kubectl uncordon <master-node-name> will then make the node functional in your cluster again.

For then for all other nodes please repeat the above steps but using kubeadm upgrade node instead of kubeadm upgrade apply, starting with any additional master nodes if you have a multi-master cluster.

Thanks and have a lot of fun!

The Kubic Team

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